Victims Of Circumstance

by The Intake Of Glass

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Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jordan Valeriote at Sundown Studios


released November 5, 2010



all rights reserved


The Intake Of Glass Cambridge, Ontario

A five-piece progressive metalcore band based out of Cambridge, Ontario. The band formed in 2008 and released their first EP in 2010. Their new album "Voice of Reason" was released online August 28th 2012.

The Intake Of Glass is...
Matt Schmidt - Vocals
Zac Widarski - Guitar
Tom Moore - Drums
Will Jordan - Bass
Matt Faria - Guitar/Vocals
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Track Name: The Fallacy
You told me that everything would be okay but it’s plain to see how empty your promises can be. Why even put on this false persona when the root of your intentions is a surprise to no one? Front seats to this train wreck heading straight to a violent end. But you can’t seem to comprehend the plotline that’s unfolding. Why should I try when you give me a million reasons not to so much as give you the time of day? Step down from your throne, remove your fallacious crown. You’re not above anyone else. You spent your life waiting for the punch line only to find the joke was you. Look me in the eyes and tell me you’re alright because I can’t uncover who you used to be. Behind this vulgar mask you’ve made (there has to be a way to put an end to all this misery.) You’re casting a sickening shadow of the likes that I’ve never seen. And it’s spreading like the plague feeding on your self indulgent ways. Who will be there to hear you’re cries? Once you’ve pushed everyone so far away? How will you pick yourself up from underneath the rubble when your stronghold finally falls down? It’s time to make a change, save yourself from this dire fate. It’s time to make a life altering change. We believe that your world is self destructing. We must stand up and justify the truth.
Track Name: Sleepwalking
Wake up and wipe that sleep from your eyes, I can predict your actions like the rise of the tide. And you've been allowing the waves to beat you against the rocks for far too long. How much longer can you withstand? Wake up from the slumber you've let yourself fall into darkened skies, open up your eyes. Let me guide you through the minefield, I have never seen such a tortured soul. The grass is greener where I lay. I've found a love so powerful. Buildings will crumble the empires of kings will burn. The world will end at its sight!
Track Name: Up In Arms
You wrote this play on words and choked on every line, the curtains have now been drawn. Hang your acting career up in the gallows. We are up in arms fighting to take back our broken lives. Lie to my face again I see right through your translucent intentions. I’ve read your script the plot is getting old. For your eyes hold absolutely no truth. And the pressures of our world have tainted your smile. You split into a million pieces that I can’t pick up, this will be the last time you feel anything real anymore. While you waste away we’re counting down your final days. You're sailing a sinking ship. Time has changed your heart now. Take a look in the mirror. What have you become? What have you let yourself become? You’re just like the rest of them, cheating your way through life. Your past will come back to haunt you.
Track Name: Writing On The Walls
These situations, constantly draining my aspirations. I’ve seen the writing on the walls. And I’ve been pushed to the brink of breaking down. There’s no foundation anymore. As the walls shake safety’s at question now. And as the story unfolds the more transparent you become. Lies have slipped through your teeth and their repercussions will prove to be reoccurring. Lies have slipped through your teeth. Your teeth are now like canyons open wide with deceit. Do I dare question it? When will I get some answers back? When will you speak the truth? Your motives seem motiveless your attempts have been in vain. Constantly searching for something to bury the blame beneath. This will be a bitter pill to swallow and you’re on your own no one will be there to comfort you. Leaning on the ropes of false hope. Like a newborn child with no guidance no scope. To protect yourself you make believe that your life’s the only one to be free. It’s a wonder how you’re still alive today whenever something changes you weep you pray. To protect yourself you make believe, to protect your sanctity. Your ignorance will find its equal in your shame. Your life’s been reduced to an empty picture frame and I always knew that it would fall as I see the writing on the walls. Your story doesn’t have a happy ending. I’ve seen the writing on the walls.
Track Name: Imprisoned
I find myself here again; these prison walls are as cold as my heart is. I've let you down. Chained to the ground by my oppression I long to spread these beautiful wings and fly away from the man I've become; drowned in anguish and shame. I've let you down so many times before. How long must I beat my fist into these walls before they will fall down? Chained to the ground there's no way out of this, these walls won't let me out. I strive for solace, I pray for sleep to numb this pain but I've never been so lucky. Scratching and clawing escape is inevitable. I've made my deathbed so shall I sleep in it. And when they ask about me I've buried myself inside this jail cell.
Track Name: Like Seasons
Just like seasons you come and go through my life you weave your poisonous threads, passing judgment on who I am. Tonight I'll be dousing these wasted memories with gasoline. Tonight I'll be dousing these wasted memories of you. Watching the city we built go up in flames. You have burned your last bridge to the ground, and I only wish that I could let you go. As the world falls down around me I only wish that I could walk away from all the pain you bring. Looking forward to new tomorrows, but I can't make it through today. Hope set with the sun breaking its promise to rise. You used to sing a song that soothed deafened ears, you shone so brilliantly that even the blind could see. Where did you go wrong? Let's go back to when this all made sense. Let's go back to the way things used to be. Just like seasons you come and go through my life. I've tried to walk this path alone. You left me vulnerable, lined up and shot against the wall. And with no display of emotion you watched while I painted the canvas red. Lined up and shot against the wall. I'll be painting these walls red.
Track Name: Revelations
Seek escape, don’t leave yourself behind. The times have changed and corruption has turned the tables on truth. So when you wake up and realize that things have taken a turn for the worst I advise you not be so full of reprisal. We built this from the ground up to house our horrors only to find that safety was all a misconception. Destruction as far as the eyes can see. Our world has succumb to that sinking feeling.
They come armed and ready to kill. So stare down the barrel and bite the bullet we all struggle with complacency. When personal beliefs play hide and seek, sit on the pedestal for the world to see. Bring forth a better way of living don’t let them have the upper hand. If only you could open your eyes long enough to see the irrational values that you’ve obtained. Sever the ties between yourself and these newfound morals. They will only bring you down; this isn’t who we were made to be. Can’t you see how your selflessness has evolved into your deadliest disease? No one said that this would be easy, but it’s a battle that we have to fight. And once the chariots have made their way over the horizon we must be ready for war. Sharpen your axes; this is a fight to the death and they won’t give us an inch. This is our time, this is our final stand, don’t give them the upper hand. Prepare for war