Voice Of Reason

by The Intake Of Glass

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Produced,/Engineered/ Mixed by Jordan Valeriote at Sundown Studios.
Mastered by Troy Glessner.


released August 28, 2012

Special Thanks:

Jordan Valeriote, Troy Glessner, Brandon Gatten (Three Crowns), Colin Parrish, Devon Mezinger, Alex Smith, Jake Dyet, Alex Ortega, Atlas, Prophets, All Systems Go, This Is Identity. Everyone who came out to our fundraiser show. Everyone who donated towards the album.



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The Intake Of Glass Cambridge, Ontario

A five-piece progressive metalcore band based out of Cambridge, Ontario. The band formed in 2008 and released their first EP in 2010. Their new album "Voice of Reason" was released online August 28th 2012.

The Intake Of Glass is...
Matt Schmidt - Vocals
Zac Widarski - Guitar
Tom Moore - Drums
Will Jordan - Bass
Matt Faria - Guitar/Vocals
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Track Name: Misbeliever
Faith was never in question for me
Your beliefs were not the ones I stood behind
My faith was my own to find
Your words aren’t the ones I cherish now
With dogma and rhetoric
They move quickly to hasten
The defeat of the soul
Different faces different masks put on to sway the masses
Although your face changed we always recognized you
Although your face has changed
We always recognized you (recognized you)
You have nothing to be proud of here
Chasing my values, my thoughts my expressions
I’ve come to know the enemy within the God you follow
Our lives are all profound we don’t need you or your book to tell us why
We don’t need your fucking proof
If this is fate I’m sure to fight it
If this is faith I’m sure I’ve lost it
All I ask is that we have faith in ourselves
In a world of deceivers
We aren’t lost
We are not lost
So count it down
But never count me out
This could have been our greatest triumph (greatest discovery)
A single, coherent story
Meant to inspire love and acceptance across all borders
Became a weapon to use
Against each other
A misrepresented rally cry
To bring distance, and subjugation of difference
Our greatest source of shame
I am filled with embarrassment in your name
Track Name: Ordnance
The sun is setting
The cold of night still fills my lungs
I have returned from the desert
Of despair
When I came back I found the world in disarray
What once possessed some semblance of order
Is now a pale mockery
Of all that was given by those who came before
It’s all because of you
You can’t say it’s not what you wanted
When you’re the one sitting on the throne
I will fight, I will fight
For those you’ve subjected (misdirected)
Face the might, face the might
Of retribution, our final solution
Now the silver lining’s been torn
And storm clouds are beginning to form
Abandonment has left me with the bitter taste of hopelessness
Oppression shaped my rebellious mold
I bring the reaping (I bring the reaping)
This is what you are
A creature an insect
This is what you are
A cancer an infection
I will cut you out
As you try to take the beauty from life
This is not about destruction
(This is what you are a creature an insect)
This is a cleansing
(This is what you are)
Burn down the temple
Whose foundation
Rests on shrapnel
You won’t be their idol much longer
Fall to your knees
You don’t deserve the crown upon your head
Nor the title bestowed upon you
Character doesn’t come from a name
But it’s the price you paid for fame
Track Name: Vimana
We are the last descendants
Of a race far above us
We aren’t dead
We are the deserted infants
Born to parents with no use or love for us
We aren’t dead
Born from a war before our time
Fought in our skies
Before believing eyes
Where have you gone?
Left without empathy or reason
Where have you gone?
The truth fades with each passing season
This is my, this is
This is my only explanation
I know that I can’t be wrong
Where have you gone?
I am nothing more
Then your forsaken brother
We will lie in wait with vengeance abundant
In our hearts
With perseverance we find our own way
Back to the stars
The gods we’ve honored
The footsteps we’ve followed
Belong to you
But you left us behind
As though we didn’t belong by your side
So if the sun won’t rise above these blackened skies
Ever again
At least we can call this world we’ve made
Our own
To the stars I go with their reflections in my eyes
With the cross I bear
Placed on me by no man (by no man)
I forget the animosity I once held towards my brothers
Faced with our destiny we all stand together
We were only more than beasts
Today we become more than men
We are our makers now
Track Name: Acolyte
Spineless, I’ve lost my grasp on any sense of importance, no significance
In sense at all
I’ve become the plague that causes empires to fall
As I forfeit my life
For I beset the sun
Its light has passed from me
But still shines bright in your eyes
With unhindered passion
Become the son of fortune
I am the dark passenger
On your right of passage
Judgment has already been passed
Yearning for importance has placed you right in my hands (right in my hands)
I begin to tighten my grip
Right in my hands
You are my weapon
You are my weapon of mass destruction
So stay on your feet
As your blood flows through the streets
You are my weapon, my instrument of anger
I wield you first
You, the fist of god
They will find what we wrote
When the smoke clears from this ground
(Manipulation, decimation, mutilation on the grandest of scales)
(I am your) Unyielding, unwavering shadow
(I am your) Eternal Spectator
You’ll never break the ocean
You’ll never shatter the sea
With a heart full of anger
You will never be free
Track Name: Voice Of Reason
This is not the life
You envisioned for yourself
You cry: Where am I? Where am I?
Your graceless downfall
Can be blamed only on you
You have been blind, since the beginning of time
Those good intentions have failed you once again
Leaving you to asking yourself: where is my ever after, ever after?
It took more than intention to build the pyramids
It took more than intention to discover the planets
We the concrete of mind
Aren’t satisfied with the apathy in your hearts
We the concrete of mind
Persist where others will falter
We the concrete of mind
Will never stop
We the concrete of mind
Won’t take our lives for granted anymore
Filled with doubt and desperation
You’ve lost control
For you I sympathize
Living in a world that’s shaded grey
With a heart of gold
You’ve found no silver lining
I was just like you
I never realized
I had the answers all along
When I felt that I couldn’t handle my dreams
A comforting shoulder
Your hand in mine
I just needed to hear myself say
You know the way
We have the strength inside
To bring about a greater happiness
For ourselves, and those we love
Confide in yourself first
Rely on yourself first
You are the only one
Who can inspire you
I‘ve struggled through misfortune
My slate is clean
I’ve turned a blind eye towards distractions
In myself I truly believe
We’ve built these machines as mirrors, as a way to understand ourselves
The truth behind what really concerns us, is our only innate advice
No stone tablet, outline or doctrine
Could bring meaning to your life
An impression is all you need,
It was the only thing we brought with us
You know the way
Inner strength transcends the limits of grace
There is a purpose in every breath that you take
Although the waters may get rough, tidal waves would never be enough
To deviate the course of your beliefs
To recreate the foundation that you have laid